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Direction Plus is fast becoming one of Australia's leading brands for supplying reliable and quality, parts and accessories for diesel passenger, 4x4, industrial power and heavy/light commercial vehicles. There parts are manufactured to the highest industry standard and quality. From Pre-Filter Kits, Catch Cans, Fuel Filters, Oil Seperators and so much more, Direction Plus have it all for you 4x4!

​Its easy to think that fuel contamination only happens " in the bush". Not True! ​Did you know that 72% of all Diesel Fuel Injection System failures are caused by water and fuel lubricity problems? It is fact true that you could pick up water contamination any where in Australia by simply filling up at a local petrol station. It does not matter how much precaution is taken to transport diesel fuel to various depots, water has the ability to enter storage tanks and ultimately your fuel system.


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