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Roadvision lights are here to make your driving experience safer and easier

As the team at Roadvision says, “dominate the night”, and their products can make it happen.

With their advanced LED lighting technology, you'll have superior brightness and longevity, all while using only a fraction of the energy of traditional light sources. You can even customise the intensity and colours of your Roadvision driving lights for different road conditions — perfect for fending off nighttime surprises, whether on the road or veering off the beaten track.

Built to last with minimal maintenance, you can feel good about making this your go-to light source.

Off Road Central is one of Australia’s top stockists of Roadvision light bars, driving, signal, and spotlights! Browse through our collection and shop online for affordable shipping Australia-wide.

About Roadvision

Roadvision is infamous for producing high-quality 4x4 lights suitable for harsh Australian conditions. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes them a reputable and reliable choice!

  • An Australian company that produces lights designed to meet Australian driving conditions.
  • Their lights are manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality materials, ensuring superior performance and durability.
  • Their LED lights are frequently tested in real driving conditions to ensure reliability and suitability for Australia's rugged terrain.
  • Offers a range of products to meet the needs of drivers and vehicles, including LED and HID driving lights, spotlights, light bars, and more.

Plus, Off Road Central has your back with safe delivery and exceptional packaging. Your lights will be delivered in excellent, ready-to-install condition so you can immediately install driving and purpose-based lights to ensure the Aussie outback.

Need a hand with installation in the Brisbane area? Book an appointment at our 9-hoist fitment centre in Rothwell!

Our collection of Roadvision light bars, tail lights, signal lights and more

We stock an incredible range of water and dust-proof products from Roadvision, including:

  • Stealth Light Bars — Built to deliver the highest performance and withstand the harshest conditions, the Stealth Range features lightweight aluminium housing and polycarbonate lenses.
  • We stock the S70, S40 and S52 series — the S70 offers maximum intensity and long-range beam penetration for off-road enthusiasts. In contrast, the S40 is designed super compact, where a larger light bar simply won’t fit. The S52, on the other hand, is a compact high-intensity single-row light bar, ideal for trucks, agricultural, industrial 4x4s and SUVs for nudge, bull bar and roof rack mounts.
  • DC2 Light Bars — Producing up to 25920lm of light output, DC2 light bars feature soft starts, PWM dimming and advanced thermal management technology. Plus, with ultra-slim 65mm deep housing, you have more flexibility mounting the bar.
  • SR2 Light Bars — These lights produce a projector beam up to 1200mm and offer a soft start, PWM dimming and advanced thermal management technology to prevent overheating. Plus, this series is available in spot, flood and combo lights.
  • SRP Light Bars — At 38mm tall, this slimline light bar produces a projector beam that reaches 1000mm while adjusting to the environmental temperature to balance excellent performance and overheating prevention. They’re the ideal choice where space is limited!
  • Dominator Driving Lights — Wrapped in a compact yet rugged package, Dominator driving lights offer excellent lighting performance. The smart series also adjusts to the environmental temperature to prevent overheating and maintain performance!
  • Stealth Driving Lights — Boasting a sleek new look, Roadvision’s Stealth Series is designed with varying distance and intensity options to cater to your vehicle's primary use. Constructed for exceptional performance and endurance even in the most severe conditions, the Stealth Series features cutting-edge Osram LEDs, innovative Thermal Management Technology, and a resilient yet lightweight aluminium housing with polycarbonate lenses for unmatched strength.
  • Roadvision Work Lights — These compact, combo LED work lights offer uncompromised spot and spread performance, even from a single lamp — often, there’s no need to install both spot and flood lights with these work lights! Super durable and lightweight with a polycarbonate lens, these work lights allow for worry-free operation, even in the harshest Australian conditions.

Looking for a perfect entry-level solution? Contact the team from Off Road Central. We can provide guidance on the best Roadvision driving lights, emergency lights and more, all based on your experience and 4x4 needs.

Built for the toughest conditions — shop Roadvision’s range online at Off Road Central

Off Road Central is one of the top stockists of Roadvision’s range, from bar lights and signal lights to spotlights and more. Designed for the harshest Australian conditions, these lights are built tough for durability and longevity — whether you’re using them for work or play.

Shop Roadvision online at Off Road Central! We offer affordable shipping throughout Australia and offer installation at our 9-hoist fitment centre in Rothwell, Brisbane. While we install your Roadvision lights, you can tour our showroom and find the next best thing to add to your 4x4.

Plus, Roadvision products come with a long warranty — in fact, the Stealth Series of light bars and driving lights comes with a whopping seven years of warranty, so you can bet your Roadvision products will go the distance.

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