Explore the Best 4WD Tracks Near Brisbane

Explore the Best 4WD Tracks Near Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is surrounded by an abundance of breathtaking natural landscapes, making it a perfect gateway for outdoor enthusiasts and 4WD lovers. If you're looking for off-road adventures within a two-hour drive of Brisbane, you're in for a treat. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best 4WD tracks near Brisbane.

Glass House Mountains 4WD Tracks

Just an hour's drive north of Brisbane, you'll find the spectacular Glass House Mountains, home to some fantastic 4WD tracks. Glass House Mountains 4WD tracks are perfect for beginners and experienced off-roaders alike. You can explore rugged terrain, dense forests, and experience the thrill of ascending and descending steep slopes. Here are some notable 4WD tracks in the Glass House Mountains region.

Power Line Track

The Power Line track is a popular 4WD track in the Glass House Mountains. It's named for the overhead power lines that run alongside the track. The track offers a mix of easy and challenging sections, making it suitable for both beginners and experience off-roaders. Along the way, you'll encounter steep ascents and descents, rocky terrain, and a variety of scenic viewpoints. Keep in mind that some sections can become quite challenging after heavy rain. The track is usually open to the public, but always check for local restrictions, weather conditions, and track status before embarking in your journey.

Beerburrum West State Forest

This state forest is home to several 4WD tracks and offers an excellent opportunity for off-road enthusiasts to explore the Glass House Mountains region. The tracks within the forest cater to various skill levels. One of the popular tracks is the Beerburrum West Power Line track, which provides a mixture of easy and challenging terrain,as well as some creek crossings and scenic views of the Glass House Mountains. You may also encounter other tracks like the Glasshouse Loop, which offers different degrees of difficulty.

Glass House Mountains Lookout

While not a dedicated 4WD track, the Glass House Mountains Lookout is accessible by a 4x4 vehicle and provides a spectacular viewpoint of the entire Glass House Mountains area. It's a must-visit spot for stunning panoramic vistas. The lookout area is a popular stop for photographers and nature enthusiasts, offering a unique perspective of these iconic volcanic peaks. 

South Brisbane 4WD Tracks

Heading out of the Glass House Mountains to another popular spot, South of Brisbane, this time you will find...

Condamine River Road 4WD Track

If you're up for a scenic drive through lush forests and across river crossings, Condamine River Road is a must-visit 4WD track. Located a little over two hours southwest of Brisbane, this track is famous for its numerous river crossings, which adds an exciting dimension to your journey. 

Beach 4WD Tracks

If you want to chase the sunshine and sea breeze, you're in for a treat. There are several beautiful beaches where you can drive your 4x4 vehicle and enjoy the scenic coastal landscapes all within a few hours of Brisbane.

Cooloola Great Sandy National Park

Heading north of Brisbane, you can reach the Cooloola Great Sandy National Park in under two hours. This area is a paradise for 4WD enthusiasts, with multiple tracks and an array of diverse landscapes. You'll traverse sandy tracks, eucalyptus forests, and pristine beaches along this route. Don't forget to visit the famous Rainbow Beach and its colourful cliffs.

Rainbow Beach

Situated north of the Sunshine Coast, Rainbow Beach is famous for its coloured sands and is a prime location for 4WD adventures. You can drive along Rainbow Beach itself or take the inland tracks to reach Inskip Point and access Fraser Island by barge. Permits are necessary for driving on the beach, and they can be purchased from the local authorities or online through the Queensland National Parks website.

Teewah Beach

Located in the Great Sandy National Park just north of Noosa, Teewah Beach offers an extensive stretch of beach perfect for 4WD enthusiasts. You'll need a permit to drive on Teewah Beach, which can be purchased online or from local permit retailers.

Moreton Island

Located just off the coast of Brisbane, Moreton Island is a popular destination for 4WD enthusiasts. The island boasts a variety of beaches and sand tracks where you can enjoy off-roading.

Bribie Island

Another great destination conveniently located near Brisbane, Bribie Island offers a relatively easy and enjoyable 4WD experience. A permit is required to drive on the beach, which can be obtained from the Queensland National Parks website or local outlets.


Exploring the best 4WD tracks near Brisbane is an exciting and adventurous way to experience the natural beauty of Queensland. To ensure your safety and enjoyment on these tracks, be sure to equip your vehicle with the right gear. Off Road Central is the go-to destination for all of your off-road needs, offering a wide range of high-quality products that will help you conquer the trails and make the most of your off-road adventures.

We do remind you that it's crucial to check the specific permit requirements, rules, and conditions before embarking on your 4WD adventure as they can vary depending on the location and time of year. It's also essential to follow the local regulations, respect the environment, and stay safe. So, gear up, hit the trails, and experience the thrill of off-roading in the stunning landscapes surrounding Brisbane.

Happy off-roading!

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