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Date Posted:4 December 2015 



Choosing a Bull Bar for your 4x4 that suits your lifestyle and budget has just become a whole lot easier! MCC have a huge range of Bull Bars from the Classic bar to the Falcon Deluxe Bar. This week, we'd like to give you a good look at the MCC Bull Bars and their features so you can find which bull bar is best for you. 

MCC Bull Bars are manufactured in Thailand in a family-owned company, offering four different front bars for the Australian market. 



Starting off with the MCC Classic Bar from $1090. Winch compatibility, highlift jack points, LED indicator and tail light parker, two aerial tabs, optional fog lights for $199, optional protection plates for $150. The MCC Classic Bar is one of their most popular bars, due to its price and its features.



Then we move into the MCC Falcon Bar, with 110 mil drive lights built in, LED indicator and parker, highlift jack points, winch compatibility, two aerial tabs, and the option of the bar infill panels, again at $150. 



The next model is the MCC Falcon Deluxe with the stainless steel loops. It’s exactly the same as the Falcon Bar on the bottom half, offering all the same features, but with a removable chrome loop system. Now having the bolt-on system allows you to put a single loop onto the bar in chrome or black, and having a bar, basically, with three different looks. 



The next bar that they offer is the MCC Rocker Bar, offering the 110 mil driving lights, LED indicator and parker, highlift jack points, aerial tabs. Again, this bar is available in a three loop system which is welded, or a single loop system which is a bolt-on – offering you a bar with a single loop, or a no loop look. 



Give us a call! We supply a huge range of 4WD Accessories including bull bars, rear bars, canopies and suspensionOur staff are more than happy to discuss any of your 4x4 requirements. Ask us about our Package Deals and make sure you check out our Specials. Phone 3203 2155.



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