ONYX 30 Degree Rock Light Mount (Single)

ONYX 30 Degree Rock Light Mount (Single)

SKU: MPWR-59479



ONYX 30 Degree Rock Light Mount (Single)

The Onyx 30 Degree Rock Light Mount is a specially designed mounting bracket that provides a secure and convenient installation solution for the Onyx Rock Lights. This mount allows you to easily attach the Rock Lights to your vehicle, ensuring optimal positioning and stability.

Constructed from durable and rugged materials, the rock light mount is built to withstand the harsh conditions encountered during off road adventures. It's designed to be resistant to vibrations, impacts, and corrosion, ensuring that your rock lights stay securely in place even on bumpy terrains.

The mount features a versatile design that allows for flexible installation options. It can be easily attached to various locations on your vehicle, such as the wheel wells, underbody, or bumpers, providing you with the freedom to customise your lighting setup according to your preferences. 


SKU MPWR-59479
Brand ONYX